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Herstory Community Workshop in Action

Herstory works with the conviction that master-level workshops need to be equally available to all— whether one has walked a conventional academic path or life circumstances have provided the rich oral immersion that no classroom can replicate. For the stories inside us-- bubbling up to be told-- are our gift to one another, if only we can give them a shape.

We invite you to sit in on one of our weekly Bridges to Justice master classes, where Herstory facilitators, facilitators in training, college professors, students and community members learn the techniques needed to transform their memories into memoirs powerful enough to reach another person’s heart. Witness how each writer takes Herstory’s empathy-based technique up a notch in order to create immediacy, compassion and drama— so that each voice grows stronger… To watch this video produced by filmmaker Clarence Sheppard then play the video below (after hitting play you can put the video full screen mode by clicking the small box in the bottom right corner) or watch on Youtube here.

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