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Our Community

We come from all walks of life.   We are teachers, we are students, we are social workers, housecleaners, nannies and cooks, we are doctors, lawyers and legislators.  We are women and girls just getting out of jail.  We are black, we are brown, we are white.   We are young, we are old.  We are rich, we are poor.  We are Asian, Latin American, Native African, European, and Caribbean.  We are mothers, we are daughters, we are fathers and sons.    We are homeless or living in shelters. We are children of violence or oppression.  We are believers and nonbelievers.  We are witnesses, who had privileged lives and want to give back. We are pregnant and parenting teens. We are of all genders. We are incarcerated and free.    

Each week, we come together to share our stories in formation.   Some come to our community workshops for only a few weeks, to share a particular story that needs to be told.  Others come year after year, working on book length projects.   Some students come only for a semester, others return over and over again, making Herstory a way of life.

Herstory currently offers 12-17 weekly workshops on Long Island year-round, 3 in jail-based settings, 2-4 in Spanish, 5-10 in affiliation with colleges, universities, and public schools, a specialized  workshop for survivors defendants once incarcerated for defending their children and themselves, and a continual stream of short term workshops, readings, lectures and retreats.

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