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Youth Student Stories for Healing and Change 

Painting created by Gwynne Duncan-

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What is the true heartbeat of communities depicted through skewed lenses? Do we really listen to the beautiful voices of brilliant children often muted because of the hue of their skin?  At a recent Freedom Forum in Wyandanch, we were given a mandate to include the children in the conversation.

In the quiet that comes when we listen very deeply, “The Elephant in the Room” is the real issue that exists, that is often ignored and denied.  Without dealing with the Elephant, sub-issues surface and can plague communities. Gun violence is one of the sub-issues.

Herstory was given an opportunity by the Human Services and Youth Services Departments of Suffolk County to be the story gathering arm of an extensive gun violence prevention project. We are honored to partner with Wyandanch Union Free School District to begin tackling the Elephant, one issue at time. Our collaborative goal is to unveil fear-based inequities, lies, violence, lack, and ignorance, so our children are given the room and opportunity to blossom into their fullest potential.

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This website is made possible by seed money from New York State Office of Child and Family Services through Suffolk County Youth Bureau.

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