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Youth Writing For Justice

​​We invite you to join our mini lesson in experiencing where a story is going, once the writing has been developed for 8-10 weeks. In a truly bilingual program, Spanish, English and Portuguese speaking students from Patchogue/Medford High School write side by side with interns from St. Joseph’s college, learning one another’s languages as they explore how to turn their memories into memoirs powerful enough to reach a reading stranger’s heart. Join Erika Duncan, Herstory’s founder and artistic director, and Elsa Sanchez, bilingual facilitator as they explore with the students where each wants her or his story to end up, even as they talk about where they want their young life journeys to take them. You can watch the playlist in the youtube section below and click the links to watch specific segments.

  • Part 1: Steering Toward the Light on the Opposite Shore, a Metaphor for the Writing Journey. Watch here

  • Part 2: Capturing Change on the Page. Watch here.

  • Part 3: Does an Ending Need to be Happy or Resolved? Watch here

  • Part 4: Finding Circular Forms. Watch here

  • Part 5: Learning a New Language of the Heart. Watch here

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