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A Note from Herstory Writer Helen Dorado Alessi

Dear Fellow Herstory Writers and Friends,

Like so many of us who have come to be a part of the Herstory family, Helen Dorado Alessi initially joined us a writer in our workshop. Helen then became our part-time consulting program coordinator and also trained to become a workshop facilitator, leading Spanish

and bilingual workshops. Helen continues to commit tireless hours to support Herstory in her role as a consulting program coordinator. Below she shares what Herstory means to her as we prepare for our 21st anniversary:

Helen Dorado Alessi

"I want to ask you a question. Have you ever thought about how challenging it is to write a good story or book? I think about this all the time. How do I write a story that people will want to read, one where others can find hope, inspiration and understanding? Especially now. .. now when the world needs stories of hope, courage and justice.

Many of us have had the good fortune to walk into a place where Herstory Writers Workshop helped our stories come to life on the page. Mine was at the Yes We Can Community Center in Westbury. This is where I found my aspiration to become a writer and where I continue to be inspired with the warmth and encouragement from fellow writers and a sense that this quality experience will see me through to the completion of my book.

Our facilitators have the wisdom, training and know-how to bring out the best story each of us can possibly put on paper. They know that literary brilliance comes not only from the ivory towers of formal education but from deep in ourselves and community.

Now, I want to ask you another question. Would you--could you make a meaningful contribution to Herstory Writers Workshopin honor of their annual gala? Would you help them through your donation to continue providing this amazing opportunity to other writers waiting in the wings?

As a nation, we need Herstory more than ever. They offer this free of charge, but that does not mean it's free. I know that this experience has brought a special quality to your life as a writer and "stranger/ reader" because it has enriched my journey dramatically too, and that is why I am making a $100 donation this year. If we all did this, it would ensure that our workshops would continue even as funding for the arts is at risk in our nation.

Let's all do our part and help Herstory Writers Workshop continue to offer this quality experience generously to future authors like it has to you and I.

With gratitude in action,

Helen Dorado Alessi, MPA

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