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College & High School Program

Watch our two-minute trailer! 

Herstory Across the Curriculum at Hempstead High School (16-minute video) 


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Our School Programs (Offered Virtually in this Time of Pandemic)

As young people reach the age where opportunities should be expanding, when students are suffering from the lack of in-person learning, we have come up with an innovative model that is being used by the Westbury, Hempstead, Central Islip and Long Beach school districts to creatively combat the coldness and impersonal nature of Zoom.

In the Hempstead school district, we offer Herstory Across the Curriculum in partnership with teachers of Mathematics and Social Studies... read more.


In-School and After-School Workshops

Herstory’s Youth Writing for Justice program engages middle and high school students whose lives have been impacted by discrimination, poverty, and inequality of opportunity in intensive memoir writing workshops conducted by carefully trained facilitators. We offer these workshops through after-school programming or incorporated into the ongoing school curriculum. Following Herstory’s portable and flexible model, we conduct semester-long workshops in English and Spanish. Participants are asked to write about an issue they care deeply about: something that happened to them or that they witnessed. They learn a new way of looking at narrative structure, based on what creates empathy in a reading stranger, as they help one another develop strategies to enable a reader to care... read more.

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