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Herstory Across the Curriculum: Academic Outcomes

Eighth Grade Social Studies
2024 Teacher A

8th Grade Social Studies - 2024 Teacher A.png
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Newcomers High School Social Studies
2023 Teacher A

Writing Prompt

Theme: Movements of People—Migration

The movement of people into and within the United States has had a significant impact on the nation. These movements have been both voluntary and involuntary.

Task: Select a period or a migration group that had an impact on the United States and complete the following:

• Describe the historical, social, economic and political circumstances that led to the migration
• Discuss the impact of the migration on the United States

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Newcomers Middle School Newcomers English
2023 Teacher B

Writing Prompt

How can you be a positive influence in your community to make a change?

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Newcomers Middle School Math
2023 Teacher C

Test questions:

1.    What is an ordinal number?

2.    What is a cardinal number?

3.    What number system do we use? If so, how does it compare to something like roman numeral system?

4.    What kind of operations (like addition) can we do in our number system that we could not do in a roman numeral system?

5.    What is a bar graph? Can you give an example?

6.    What is a pie graph? Can you give an example?

7.    What is statistics? Give an example of a way we use statistics.

8.    The set data that we have show the temperature throughout the week: 79, 70, 72, 78, 81, 85, 79. Show the mean, median, and mode.

9.    Draw a bar graph using the data on the weather below:

Monday-79, Tuesday-70, Wednesday-72, Thursday-78, Friday-81, Saturday-85, Sunday-79

10. Belinda owns 50% of the new restaurant opened up in Uniondale. Jeremy owns 20% and Diego owns 30%. Draw a pie graph showing the percentage of ownership between the 3 owners

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High School English Credit Recovery
2023 Teacher D

Writing Prompt

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?

Teacher D.png
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High School Social Studies Credit Recovery
2023 Teacher E

Writing Prompt

What does this photo (from the early 1950s) tell us about civil rights?

Teacher E.png
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Teacher G.png

Middle School Social Studies Credit Recovery
2023 Teachers F and G

Writing Prompt

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Teacher F.png
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