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About the Survey

In 2021, Herstory contracted L&G Research and Evaluation Consulting Inc. to assess the impact of its writers' workshops in the following areas:

• Community and Civic Engagement

• Enhancement of Empathy and Understanding of the “Other”

• Deeper Learning and Understanding of Social Issues

• Finding an Effective Voice, Skills for Expression, and Improvement in Narrative Techniques

• Engagement with Writing and Literature

• Healing

• Courage and Leadership

• Lasting Connections

• Participant Satisfaction


The survey was disseminated electronically via Herstory’s Constant Contact email list and was open to anyone who had participated in a Herstory workshop in the past 25 years. 49 responses were collected from 11/21/21 – 12/4/21. This report includes the analyzed results.

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Demographic Profile of Survey Respondents

Type of Workshop Survey Respondents Attended

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Participants’ Education Level and Employment Status


Community and Civic Engagement

As a result of participating in the workshop(s), I am more likely to engage in the following activities…

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Enhancement of Empathy and Understanding of the “Other”

My experience participating in the workshop(s) has contributed to my ability to…

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Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 8.35_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 8.20_edited.png

After taking the workshop(s), I take more interest in social, economic, and political issues and their impact on people.

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After taking the workshop(s), I am better able to consider conflicting points of views in each situation I encounter. 

Finding an Effective Voice; Skills for Expression; Improvement in Narrative Techniques

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Engagement with Writing and Literature

After participating in a Herstory workshop…

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If applicable, did writing in the workshop(s) contribute to positively dealing with or overcoming a difficult experience? 

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Do you find that after taking the workshop(s), your trust towards others has…?

If applicable, has the writing in the workshop(s) helped you to reach a state of forgiveness?

reach forgiveness .png
tap into strengths_edited.png

If applicable, do you find that you are better able to tap into your strengths if you are being attacked or hurt than before taking the workshop(s)?

Courage and Leadership

After taking the workshop(s)…

courage & leadership _edited.png

Lasting Connections

If you participated in a workshop a year ago or more, did you keep in touch with any of the other members of the workshop(s)?

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lasting connections 2_edited.png

If yes, in what capacity? (Select all that apply.)


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Please rate your overall satisfaction with participating in Herstory’s writing communities.

Would you recommend this workshop to others?

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