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Stories for Youth Justice: Celebrating the Power of Student Voices

We invite you to watch our video presentation of the culminating reading of Stories for Youth Justice, featuring student readers from LIU Post University and Westbury High School, following a rich semester of writing in which young people celebrated their challenges, journeys and roots, as they experimented with the memoir form. Watch one reading at a time, to savor the rich rhythms of the Creole and Latino backgrounds that add to the power of so many of the words. Or experience the whole sequence, as one student after another finds a way to write from the heart. ​Below is the full playlist of stories and the bullet points link to specific stories from the event.

  • ​​Introductions: Glynis Peyrera, LIU Post, Maria Angelica Myer, Westbury High School and Helen Dorado Alessi, Herstory Writers Workshop. Watch here

  • Benisha Pierre Louis, Westbury High School. Watch here

  • Paula Guzman, LIU Post. Watch here

  • Mandy Wagnac, Westbury High School. Watch here

  • “How Can You Dare Another Person to Care?” Erika Duncan, Artistic Director of Herstory Writers Workshop. Watch here

  • Ana Estrada, Westbury High School. Watch here

  • Sarah Meehan, LIU Post. Watch here

  • Leslie Ramos, Westbury High School (clean up lead in to this part). Watch here

  • Tiana Collazo, LIU Post. Watch here

  • Savannah Millard, LIU Post. Watch here

  • Faith Shaw, Westbury High School. Watch here

  • Closing, Erika Duncan, Nicole Bellinger, LIU Post, and Helen Dorado Alessi. Watch here

With Appreciation to LIU Post Departments of Sociology and English- College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

We thank the Long Island Community Foundation for making it possible to create this vibrant new branch of our Youth Writing for Justice Program

We thank New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts and Angela and Scott Jagger Foundation for their ongoing support of our work in the schools.

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