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Protecting our Collective Future

We often like to look at an issue in isolation. If we are talking about youth who commit crime or victims of violence, we often allow small snapshots of stories to guide our perspective, opinions and stances on a variety of topics that will ultimately shape our collective health, safety and well-being.

In this episode we are proud to present Dathonie Pinto reading the opening pages from her memoir in progress, Chains Don’t Rattle Themselves, followed by a discussion with her son Angelo Pinto, director of the Raise the Age Campaign for the Correctional Association of New York, upon hearing his mother’s story of his childhood in a written voice new to both. We invite you to submerge yourself in these pages, rich in the best of new African American literary forms, with their meandering layers of memories, reflection, deep mourning and dreams.

Meet mother and son as they explore the power of stories to change our world, providing a vibrant real life context to the real life challenges the story brings up.

Where Youth Justice and the Struggle Against Domestic Violence Intersect

There are no easy answers or solutions. However, as the listeners partake of their dialogue, what becomes crystal clear is that we are in need of a new approach, not only to the way the system functions but the way we engage it. The story begs the question, what alternatives are possible and essential once we come to the realization that the system is failing those who need protection the most. What steps must be taken to protect children because protecting them is the only sure way to protect our collective future.

Together Dathonie and Angelo Pinto and Herstory Writers Workshop’s talk show host, Co-executive and Justice and Advocacy Director Serena Liguori, explore the larger impact of the intersection of criminal justice, youth justice and domestic violence reform and the challenge of finding new ways.

Public Funding Provided by Suffolk County

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