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As we have been converting our school and community workshops in Spanish and English to an online model, there has been a bit of a silver lining in that we are no longer bound by the difficulties posed by the lack of accessibility to transportation and the endemic segregation of our neighborhoods, each in its own silo. It has been a longtime dream to bring together writers from all over Long Island.  Stay tuned as our online school and community partnerships continue to unfold.      

For Our Students

We are happy to announce a growing network of special workshops for high school and college students with the overarching goal of creating a movement to address the entrenched inequities that are all the more hurtful in this time, as together we work to build a student movement to address the most immediate inequities and needs while creating a sense of community and hope.


  • In partnership with the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University:  Students Stories for our Time:  We offer a series of cross-campus and cross-community workshops dedicated to building bridges and creating story-based strategies for change.  Read more... 


  • In partnership with NYS TESOL:  Free Online Summer Workshops for English Language Learners.  We are offering up to ten 10-week workshops for students who wish to write their stories. We invite participants to write in the language of their choice. Read more... 


  • In partnership with the Writing Center at LIU-Post: Today We Write/ Black Student Stories for Our Time:  We are invite you to participate in an island-wide movement sparked by a group of Black student leaders who requested a special workshop to illuminate the entrenched injustices and enduring strengths that have become even more pronounced in the wake of COVID-19.  Read more...

  • In partnership with the Living Learning Community at Adelphi University: Shaping Spaces: Students’ Disability Stories for Our Time: We offer a series of workshops for high school and college students who are navigating the challenges of this time.   Read more…

  • In partnership with Long Island Wins, Dreamers Stories for Our Time: We offer a series of workshops for high school and college Dreamers from all nations and immigrant students identify with the Dreamer movement, to write to be heard.  Read more…


For Our Community, Near and Far

In partnership with Canio’s Books: Bridges Across Our Communities/ Now We Raise Our Voices

There is urgency now, as never before with the spread of the pandemic, around the restoration of the core human values of empathy, compassion and inclusion - in our world, in our nation and in our communities. ​ Whether you are sheltering in place,  and suddenly inspired to write a story that had been growing inside you for years, or on the front line of response, experiencing the need to tell your story right away, we invite you to come to either session or both, whenever you can. Meeting Wednesdays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 pmRead more...  Click here to reserve your space.  We will send a confirmation email with the zoom links for both workshops. 

For Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians/Para padres, abuelos y guardianes

We invite you to watch a Facebook Live presentation by Alexandra Velez, founder and director of Flutterflies, to meet our Head Start team and learn more about our programming and dreams. 



Para mujeres que escriben en español/For Women Who Are Writing in Spanish

El Ministerio de Migrantes Rurales / CASA la invita a unirse a un taller en línea centrado en las mujeres en español, donde las historias cotidianas cobran vida a través de la magia de la palabra escrita, convirtiéndose en vehículos poderosos para el cambio y la esperanza. Sea testigo de las necesidades más apremiantes de nuestro tiempo, mientras escribe por justicia y para encontrar el hilo conductor que nos une a todos. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Milady Gonzalez, nuestra coordinadora de programas en

Rural Migrant Ministry/CASA invite you to join a women-centered online workshop in Spanish, where everyday stories are brought to life through the magic of the written word, becoming powerful vehicles for change and hope. Bear witness to the most pressing needs of our time, as you write for justice and to find the common thread that unites us all.  For more information, please contact Milady Gonzales, our program coordinator at

In partnership with Long Island Head Start, we are offering weekly workshops in Spanish and English to empower families and keep those who are struggling with to provide their children with the most basic resources connected during this unprecedented time.  These series of online workshops is offered every Tuesday morning in English and every Tuesday afternoon in Spanish via ZOOM.  For more information, please contact Milady Gonzales, our program coordinator at

En asociación con Long Island Head Start, estamos ofreciendo talleres semanales en español e inglés para empoderar a las familias y mantener a aquellos que están luchando para proporcionarles a sus hijos los recursos más básicos conectados durante este tiempo sin precedentes. Esta serie de talleres en línea se ofrece todos los martes por la mañana en inglés y todos los martes por la tarde en español a través de ZOOM. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Milady Gonzalez, nuestra coordinadora de programas a


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