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Memoir as a Tool for Action

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Artwork by Gwynne Duncan for Herstory's Paintings for Justice archive


This two-hour weekly intergenerational campus/community workshop, brings together neighborhood elders, young Dreamers, civil rights activists, legislators, and college students with the goal of generating stories that will advance the movement for equity, inclusion and justice at this time when every one of our voices is needed to protect our most basic human rights.  

Come once or twice, to tell a particular story that needs to be told. Or continue week after week to shape stories for readings, web publications and pop-up events that we are planning in front of farmer’s markets, in community gardens, in front of food stores, at garbage dumps, and on our beaches and public parks. 

For Our Community Members

Herstory will work with you and your school to help you develop and individual work plan to take these workshops for credit, as an internship, community service, or for volunteer experience. For more information, please email

For Our Students

Partnerships for this project include...

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Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University 

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