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Jacqueline Thomas

School Transformation Facilitator at Hempstead High School

Jacqueline “Jacqui” Thomas is an educator dedicated to social organization and transformation of challenged schools. An independent contractor with Hempstead Union Free School District at Hempstead High School, she has a successful record of accomplishment with consistent superior rating, commendations, merit compensation, awards, and honors as a highly qualified educator and the art of teaching. Thomas is an experienced Instructional Coach and Professional Development Facilitator.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Administration/Supervision and has served in leadership capacity for nearly twenty years. Her commitment to advocate for reluctant learners has led her to serve in numerous deprived rural and urban communities across the nation. She is a former employee of Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Talent Development Secondary.

Also, a performing artist, Jacqui uses her passion for the arts and educational reform as a means of creating and nurturing a safe social-emotional culture and climate that intentionally directs students on a clear college and career pathway. Jacqui is driven by her philosophy that, “We assume all students are at‐promise rather than at‐risk, with each student uniquely gifted and talented”.

Jacqueline Thomas
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