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Public Health and Human Rights in a Time of COVID

Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 pm EDT via ZOOM


Artwork by Gwynne Duncan for Herstory's Paintings for Justice archive

In this season of collective trauma and illness, danger, and environmental catastrophes, what voices might lead us to healing, new solutions, and hope? Can our stories help us come together when what happens to our health and our planet depends on our interconnectedness, and when each one of us is a critical part of the human chain? 

We invite you to join a new online writing circle for first responders who have been working on the front line,  including medical personnel at all levels, doctors, nurses, nurses aids, home care workers, EMS and hospital workers on the ground, police, food pantry workers, counselors and teachers, and students who have risked their lives in order to continue in school or help their families, who are serving as essential workers in fast food, instacart delivery, group homes, cleaning houses, and more…  In partnership with the Humanities Institute and the Pandemic Narratives Initiative at Stony Brook University.  

Knowing what the schedules are like for first responders, we invite you to come whenever you can. Come once or twice to shape a particilar story that needs to be told, or continue week after week to work develop a book length project.


While you can argue with a political position, you can't argue with a story, so that we need the voices of those who are seeing the most, if we are to come together to protect our world.

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