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Maati Wafford

Maati Wafford

Social Justice and Advocacy Consultant

Maati Wafford, MSW advocates for equity by creating avenues

for the coexistence of science, spirit & social justice in education, domestically and abroad.

Her leadership with Herstory will focus on building community trust and capacity to engage in honest and productive conversations about rooting the art of storytelling in equity and justice. She is a master's level social worker, equity practitioner, and spirit-led Montessori educator and Administrator.

Maati fiercely infuses critical consciousness and a sincere love of

learning into her interactions with children, parents, and fellow educators. For nearly two decades, Maati has created brave spaces for people to expand, build, and create more justice in the world. She firmly believes in divine intelligence and understands that we all sit at the very center of that space!

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