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and the Movements that Made Us


What does it mean to have the freedom to love? Are we all free to love the ways we wish? The ways that feel undeniable to ourselves, even if not always understood, valued, or simply respected by society? Where does this sense of freedom come from? Who paved the way for us to feel so free in a society that continues to question our rights, our bodies, our existence, our spirits? By raising our voices and sharing our stories, we create something bigger than ourselves. We connect the personal to the political, we call out to those who need to hear our stories. We know in our hearts that we are not alone, that we exist within a long line of feminist and queer ancestral courage and resistance. We write to connect, we write to carry forward, we write to live as freely as we know we all deserve.

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm EDT via ZOOM

Artwork by Gwynne Duncan for Herstory's Paintings for Justice archive

This intergenerational workshop creates a safe, vibrant space for folks of all genders and ages to shape their stories of loving and living boldly in an ever-changing cultural landscape. It brings together Feminist and LGBTQ+ folks young and old, experienced and new, to share individual stories that make up these movements.

Come once or twice, to tell a particular story that needs to be told, or continue week after week to shape stories for book length projects.

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