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Trusting the Process


Trusting the Process

These stories were written by men and women who participated in the Woman’s Opportunity Rehabilitation Center (WORC).  The women participated as an alternative to an incarceration program and the men participated in a vocational and educational component to the program.  The workshop took place over three days with support and guidance to help formulate their page one moments.

My name is --------. Living in a house with both my parents and my six siblings was very challenging. We all had a good life. My parents took good care of us, we had what we needed. They were very strict parents. Watching my brothers and sister go through their ups and downs with the law, going in and out of jail, I remember going to visit my brothers in prison and it was not a nice place to go. I would always say to myself, I'm never coming here, as I grew up, and wanting to be like my sister. I started using drugs, hanging out with my friends and wanting to fit in and be down. Quit school to be with my boyfriend because I didn't want to listen to my mother and live by her rules, so I left home, not knowing what to expect, thinking, I'm grown, I can make it on my own. Started using more drugs and it got harder to survive and I ended up on the streets selling myself for money to buy drugs and started going to jail a lot. Having children and not taking care of them, not caring what happens to them and my family having to step up and take them from me, it was ok with me anyway. I was on my own and running the streets wild and using drugs as much as I pleased, in and out of jail. Sometimes I would think about my life and think, is this how my life going to be! I would pray for help but was afraid to ask for help. I remember being in jail this last time and saying to myself, I need to ask for some help this time, I was facing prison time. I cried out for help because I was tired of using drugs, I used drugs for 35 years, it's time to do something about it and I did, I went to a program for the first time in my life. I never in my life thought I would ever stop using drugs and stop going to jail, for me they go hand in hand. When I use I lose, very simple. Going to a program saved my life, I changed everything and everybody. l've been clean now for 8 years. I love the life I live today. I'm working and paying my own bills, life is good today. I trust the process and God with all my heart and do the best I can. Today I have a great relationship with my five children. Family is everything beside staying clean for me. I build my life up and trust the process.

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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