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Things Get Real in the Field

Dwight Seay aka Blessed

Things Get Real in the Field

First of all, let me give praise to the most high!

Jail to me was a hard lesson to learn. Back in my days 80s 90s we had rules now there is no rules… Back there you had to have permission to rumble now they just free fall. Jail taught me structure respect and not to judge a man.

The most scariest time was when I was in this prison they treated me like an animal…got a blank spell…laying on my mat & I hear a window open it’s the guards coming to check on me…I thought I would die in that place. Since I am mental health they put me in a paper gown. You move the wrong way it rips show all your belongings. Not cool. 

It’s so cold in there I wrapped myself in tissue paper. 

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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