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The Window of Truth

Jacqueline Jovi Trujillo

The Window of Truth

I woke up to banging and yelling my eyes are still trying to adjusting to where I am at she at the cell door banging and yelling HELP ME HELP ME, GUARD, HELP ME, please. She has this fearful look on her face I ask what’s wrong she’s holding her stomach she is pregnant so I start yelling help as well for hours no body. 

              I am terrified what may happen. The sound of urgencies pouring out of my voice help please help her please as the pain got worse for her the deeper my fear came out my voice come please help her in my mind I start to think is she dying is the baby coming do I say to her sit down here then I continue to bang on the door, my mind is staying on do I have to witness death again?  

In between the yelling and banging I’m praying for her to have strength for me to as well trying my best to soothe her through the pain I am holding myself together trying not to freak her out anymore than she already is.  

              As the time passed and the pain increased in her body and the yelling turned into screams the intensity in my mind and heart got so fearful of what was about to happen. 

She put her blood on the window of the cell door then the guard came. 

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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