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My Mom's Pride

Donald Smith

My Mom's Pride

The first thing I can remember? My mom is there. I just discovered that I can draw. I don’t know how old I was. I don’t know if I even knew drawing was “a thing.” I don’t even know why I drew. It had to be something I liked and was “into.”

What I do remember is the fuss my mom made when she saw it. That was the first time I remember her being proud of something I did. And the first time she showed it, my drawings were things she showed everyone and things everyone loved. Her pride made me proud of what I did, and there have been lots of things since that I’m not proud of. 

That memory has given me a purpose in life, so to speak. That encouragement has kept me drawing all my life. I have learned many other mediums of art since, and art is the one thing I can do that makes people happy. That people enjoy. It’s something I can give someone that they can look at and enjoy from the minute they see it and for years to come.

Art is what I’m best at and what is the best of me. It’s my mom’s pride. 

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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