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Going to See Bae

Lakiesha Smith

Going to See Bae

My man is serving a life sentence right now. He been down since 2016. I been riding with him ever since. He was charged with murder and a few other things but I swear to you he innocent. He wasn’t even on the scene the day of the crime. Some white woman said she seen a black tall dude around the scene right before the shooting took place. My man was nowhere around that area. Two days after the alleged murder my dude was meeting somebody at the gas station when the police pulled up, jumped out they cars and told everybody don’t move. My dude had some weed on him and a warrant so they took him to jail. Less than 24 hours later they had charged my man with murder. To this day we still don’t even understand it. Well I’m starting to. If you black they gone charge you with whatever and do whatever to you. The system so crooked. It don’t matter who you know. Sometimes it just matters what your skin color is. 

             So yeah me and my man been on this mission for about 6 years. I never left his side not one bit. I go visit him 2 times a month. Everybody always asking me why I stayed down with him and I always answer them because I know he’s innocent. Once you get in the there it’s like the hardest thing in the world to get you out. They say innocent till proven guilty but that’s hardly ever the case. This job ain’t easy I tell you that. I deal with so much every time I go visit him. It’s like these people want to piss you off just enough so they can refuse your visit. When I first started going I use to let them take me there quick. They would say something to me and before you know it my mouth was going and before you know it I was out in the parking lot mad because I could’ve visit my man. That was then. Now I know getting on they bad side was the wrong thing to do. Just doing what you need to do and following the rules was the best way to make your visits easy and cool. 

             I would see the COs messing with the new people that was coming. I use to just shake my head cause I can remember when that was me. It don’t matter if you been down for 10 years or 10 months, them visits meant everything. It was so crazy that the staff make that process so strenuous. I remember this one time me and the CO that was working this day got into it soooo bad. I just knew she hated me man. It was like every time I came to visit it was always something. On this particular day I walk up to their booth and write my name down. That was the process. Write your name down then put the person’s name you visiting down. The CO would check you in and then you wait. On this particular day the CO called me to the desk and asked me did I have a change of clothes. I was like huh? She said that my jeans was too tight to go into the visit. I had intentionally got these jeans 2 sizes up so there wouldn’t be a problem. At this point I felt like she was picking on me. But just because I know how they be I did have a change of clothes in the car. I go to the car, change my clothes and come back in. When I come back in she calls me back to the desk and tells me they’ve reached their quota for the day. She made me go back to my car and change my clothes just to still turn me around when I returned. As I walked out the door pissed AF I noticed it was two other females walking back too. Neither of them looked like they had anything wrong with them. One said they said she couldn’t wear jogging pants and the other said they said you could see her bra. SMDH. It was crazy how we had to damn near kiss they ass just to see our loved ones. Sometimes it made me be like I’m not going back but that’s exactly what they wanted us to do. 

             So yeah it’s 2022 and I’m still riding with my man. Still visit him twice a week and still trying to help him fight his case. Only thing that has changed is I just kiss them COs’ ass just to keep the drama down cause I’m riding with my man till the wheels fall off. 

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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