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These stories were written by men and women who participated in the Woman’s Opportunity Rehabilitation Center (WORC).  The women participated as an alternative to an incarceration program and the men participated in a vocational and educational component to the program.  The workshop took place over three days with support and guidance to help formulate their page one moments.

At 15 I started smoking weed. I know it wasn't the best idea, but I did anyway. I smoked weed for two years and at 17 I was arrested for burglary and robbery. I broke into the Dunkin Donuts next to my house. I took a cash register that had $200 in it. The person that suggested that we rob the place took all the money and told the police where I was and called the store to tell them where the cash register was.

             The police came to my house and arrested me. The put me in the back of the car and then they walked me into the precinct. They took me into a detective's office, and he was asking me questions. The detective was very nice to me, so I answered all of his questions. They left me in the detective's office with my hands cuffed to the chair. I slept there!!!! They left me in that position all night. All I could think was that I did this to myself. While in the precinct, they took my fingerprints and my mug shot. They also did an eye scan and a mouth swab. I believe that was for my DNA.

             I was in the precinct for a very long time and then they called my mom. My mom was very upset but what bothered me the most was the look of disappointment on her face. My mom was there for me. She went to court with me. She supported me. When I went to court I was free but when I came out of court I had an ankle monitor. I had to wear that stupid ankle monitor for two months.

             I now know that the person I was with was a bad influence. I also know that smoking weed does not allow you to make good choices. I was arrested at home in front of my family. I was arrested in front of my nine-year-old sister. I believe that her seeing me getting handcuffed and put in the back of a police car was scary for her. Getting arrested, spending time in custody and having to wear an ankle monitor is not something I want to go through again.

             I got arrested and found a program that allows me to talk about things, it gives responsibilities and I can say I am happy to take a step forward. I am glad that I can make better choices and I now understand that I have to be careful of the people I hang around with.

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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