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Brave Journeys Teachers' Bundle

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Painting created by Gwynne Duncan-

Click here to listen to a selection from our latest book,

Brave Journeys/Pasos Valientes

When the Heart and Mind Don’t Agree

This Gift Introductory Study Guide Bundle is comprised of some of our most loved resources to be used as samples for the Long Island Teacher Institute 2021 attendees...


  • A breathtaking collection of 15 stories by young people, ages 14-17, who risked their lives crossing borders. The majority crossed mountains and deserts and rivers alone. A few came with relatives by plane. A testimony to the resilience of the human spirit, which no reader will ever forget. 

  • Access to our Gift Introductory Study Guide Bundle, an online curriculum teachers guide to accompany Brave Journeys/Pasos valientes.

  • Passing Along the Dare to Care: A Mini-Memoir Course for Younger Writers

  • Atreverse A Tener Compasión: Un Mini-Curso de Escritura de Memorias




We are thrilled, and also humbled, to anonymously share the stories of volunteer high school newcomer students who agreed to write their journeys into this land, the land of liberty. I had the privilege of watching as they shaped these stories with voices that must not be dismissed. We publish this collection in a celebration of our young heroes whose voices and names will be declared someday out loud, breaking any and every oppressive wall, united in one voice and one heart.

Dafny Irizarry, founder and president of Long Island Latino Teachers Association (LILTA)

Click here to read an article- “Teacher to Teacher” by Dawn Attard, a New York City ELA high school teacher whose class came awake with the reading of Brave Journeys. 





Storytelling is the passageway that enables us to share and preserve our culture and social norms. It humanizes the issue and is a way of instilling and strengthening our moral values. Storytelling ​can transform our perception of the world. This book is a tool that allows us to step into a world that teaches us the power of the human spirit.


Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, executive director of Long Island Wins  


Price $25.00

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