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Where healing, art making, and justice intersect

"We all know our stories but it is not until we begin to shape them in writing that we begin to know our journeys."

We believe that writing at its best can conquer oppression. It can change hearts, minds, and policy, but this doesn't happen by magic. The notion of passing along the dare to care—the cornerstone of the Herstory approach—is deceptively simple, and therefore infinitely replicable. The toolkit that has grown up around it over an almost thirty year period is multi-layered, far reaching and profound.

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From a single workshop on Long Island, NY to an international network of small writing circles, bringing forth the voices of writers of all ages and walks of life, incarcerated and free. Celebrating almost three decades of bringing forth the voices of people whose stories have been silenced and unsung, changing hearts, minds and policy, one story at a time.

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2019 New York State Council on the Arts Fellows

2023-2024 Herstory

"Jump Up and Speak Up Louder!"

Social Justice Fellows

2023-2024 Herstory Carceral Justice

Training Institute Fellows

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Newsday Celebrates our Founder and the Herstory Journey
Act2 "Daring" readers to care

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This Is Our Story: 

Herstory Writers Workshop is a place where activists and storytellers meet.  Check out a short piece created by Hofstra University’s “Media in Action” students to learn more about how we work.

Created by Jennifer Burke and Merle O'Neal

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