Bridges to Justice/Memoir as a Tool for Movement Building

Spring 2020 Campus/Community Workshops

at Stony Brook University

There is urgency now, as never before, around the restoration of the core human values of empathy, compassion and inclusion - in our world, in our nation and in our communities. In a nation founded on tolerance by those who fled oppression, fear mongering, intolerance and hatred of the other have reached epic proportions. This “othering,” has had a serious effect on policies and practices nationally and locally, on our campuses and in our neighborhoods.

As we prepare for the roll-out of our first four community workshops of this season, we invite you to reach out into your own communities to see if there is anyone you know who might have a story lurking inside them, long buried or stowed away, anyone who has a story that keeps bubbling out, looking for a written shape.  


We are looking for writers, but also for community organizers, who can help the right people find their way to our workshops, offered free of charge, to create the stories that the world needs to hear, while together they blaze new paths.  


The following four workshops are looking for new members.   To sign up, or to help us with recruitment, contact Amber Davis, our operations manager at 631-676-7395 or


Herstory Writers Workshop and the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook invite you to join a 12-week campus/community workshop with the goal of generating stories that will advance the movement for equity, inclusion and justice at this time when every one of our voices is needed to protect our most basic human rights. Write with neighborhood elders, young Dreamers, organizational activists, legislators, and college students, so that together we can shape our words to change hearts, minds and policy, one story at a time.


Work with Herstory fellow Natalia Chamorro to tell a particular story that needs to be told.  Or use Herstory's unique approach to pursue a book-length project. Special techniques will be used to generate powerful short pieces, wherever the shifting political landscape leads us to use memoir to resist injustice, restore dignity and give voice to our common humanity. If you have questions, please email

Location: Stony Brook University

Humanities Building- Main Campus, behind parking garage

(D4 on campus map)

Room HUM 1008

Time: 10:30AM-12:30PM

Meeting every Tuesday morning - February 4th through May 7th

To download our flyer  click here.


Herstory Writers Workshop and the Community Action, Learning, and Leadership Program at SUNY Old Westbury invite you to join a 12-week campus-based workshop focused on individuals' experiences of giving and/or receiving care.  Whether their experiences are paid or unpaid, formal or informal, writers will work to give voice to stories that advance the movement for equity, inclusion, and justice.  Join us and help change hearts, minds, and policies by sharing your story.  

Location: SUNY Old Westbury

Time: 2:30-3:45pm

Mondays February 3 thru May 4

 Team taught by Jill Crocker and Alicia Davis.  Contact Jill Crocker ( for details.  


In 2019, the Criminology Program at Hofstra University created an experimental module where people returning from decades in prison spent nine weeks writing side by with criminology students.   It has now become a permanent part of Hofstra's curriculum for those in training to work with the incarcerated and for criminal justice reform.  "I have never had a class that helped me change how I see the world," one student wrote upon the graduation of the second cohort.

As a new semester begins, we invite people who have experienced incarceration, alternatives to incarceration, gun violence and domestic violence to join our third cohort of writers for criminal justice reform.   The world needs your stories, as does the criminal justice field. Taught by Victoria Roberts. Meeting Wednesdays at Hofstra University from 6:30- 8:30 pm starting February 26th. To register or find out more about the program, please contact and Victoria Roberts at  

Painting created by Gwynne Duncan-


Herstory Writers Workshop and Rural Migrant Ministry/CASA invite you to join a women-centered, circle-style, biweekly community workshop in Spanish, where everyday stories are brought to life through the magic of the written word and unique Herstory techniques, becoming powerful vehicles for change and hope.

By writing in memoir form, women will be able to tell their stories and experiences in their own voice, bear witness to the most pressing issues of our time, learn how to distill effective writing for social justice, and ultimately find the common thread that unites us all.

Our workshop will change people's heart, minds and policies, and create a safe space for local women that want to find connection and community through story telling. 

Bilingual Workshop Facilitators: 

María del Mar Piedrabuena - 

Milady González -

Contact us at:


Location: C.A.S.A - Rural Migrant Ministry 

573 Roanoke Ave
Riverhead NY 11901

Time: 06:30- 8:30 pm
Meeting every 2 weeks on Wednesday evening - Starting February 5th, 2020 (tentative)

El Taller de Escritores de Herstory y Rural Migrant Ministry/CASA la invitan a unirse a un taller comunitario quincenal para mujeres, estilo círculo y completamente en español, donde las historias cotidianas cobran vida a través de la magia de la palabra escrita y las técnicas de Herstory, convirtiéndose en poderosos vehículos de cambio y de esperanza.

A través de escrituras autobiográficas, las mujeres que participen podrán contar sus historias y experiencias en su propia voz, dar testimonio de los problemas que más nos apremian en estos tiempos, aprender a destilar la manera más efectiva de escribir para la justicia social y, finalmente, encontrar aquello que nos une a todos.

Nuestro taller tiene el objetivo de cambiar el corazón, las mentes y las políticas de las personas,  y crear un espacio seguro para las mujeres locales que deseen encontrar conexión y comunidad a través de compartir sus propias historias. 


Facilitadoras Bilingües del Taller: 

María del Mar Piedrabuena - 

Milady González -

Información de contacto:


Lugar: C.A.S.A - Rural Migrant Ministry 
573 Roanoke Ave
Riverhead NY 11901
Hora: 06:30- 8:30 pm
Nos reuniremos cada 2 semanas, los días miércoles por la tarde- Empieza Febrero 5, 2020


Herstory Writers Workshop

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