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Bridges to Justice/Memoir as a Tool for Movement Building

Spring 2020 Campus/Community Workshops

at Stony Brook University

There is urgency now, as never before, around the restoration of the core human values of empathy, compassion and inclusion - in our world, in our nation and in our communities. In a nation founded on tolerance by those who fled oppression, fear mongering, intolerance and hatred of the other have reached epic proportions. This “othering,” has had a serious effect on policies and practices nationally and locally, on our campuses and in our neighborhoods.

Herstory Writers Workshop and the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook invite you to join a 12-week campus/community workshop with the goal of generating stories that will advance the movement for equity, inclusion and justice at this time when every one of our voices is needed to protect our most basic human rights. 

Location: Stony Brook University

Humanities Building- Main Campus, behind parking garage

(D4 on campus map)

Room HUM 1008

Time: 10:30AM-12:30PM

Meeting every Tuesday morning - February 6th through May 7th

To download our flyer click here.

Write with neighborhood elders, young Dreamers, organizational activists, legislators, and college students, so that together we can shape our words to change hearts, minds and policies, one story at a time.  Add your voice to our Neighborhood Portraits in Words, celebrating our histories, personal and collective.  

Work with Herstory Writers Workshop's founder and artistic director to tell a particular story that needs to be told.  Or use Herstory's unique approach to pursue a book-length project. Special techniques will be used to generate powerful short pieces, wherever the shifting political landscape leads us to use memoir to resist injustice, restore dignity and give voice to our common humanity and dreams.


This workshop is part of a statewide Freedom Forums movement for which Herstory is the Long Island representative, with a culminating event sponsored by the Humanities Institute, scheduled for Saturday, November 9th, at the Charles B. Wang Center.

The goal is to generate stories powerful enough to reach even the most hardhearted legislator, while becoming a resource for students and teachers, advocacy and human service organizations.  Writers will be encouraged to shape their stories for inclusion in   Stories for Liberation, Herstory's weekly series on the Long Island Wins website, visited by 10,000 to 15,000 viewers per month.  They will be used as sermons in churches, mosques, and synagogues and included in Herstory's new digital archive housed in Hofstra University's Special Collections.

Painting created by Gwynne Duncan-