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Joseph Page

Constituent Liason for Council Member Karen Koslowitz

Joe is connected to Herstory through the late (great!) Amy Hagedorn, president of the Hagedorn Foundation. He managed day-to-day operations for 8 years, until the foundation closed its doors in 2017. Working with the Outreach Coordinator, Joselo Lucero, was the most humbling experience and he continues to share his story. Shortly after Hagedorn, Joe was selected to serve as a Graduate Scholar in the NYS Assembly Fellowship Program, while pursuing a master’s degree in Urban Studies at Queens College, which he earned in 2019. Joe researched early education policy and legislation on NYC’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten program and Mayoral Control of NYC Schools.

Originally from Orange County, NY, he’s spent the last 10 years living in Astoria, Queens, with his indefatigable partner, Sarah. He’s collaborating with Herstory’s social media team to develop a campaign to increase outreach efforts, and to share as widely as possible Herstory’s compassionate writers, stories and publications. When not online, Joe enjoys riding his bike and engaging in local politics in Astoria.

Joseph Page
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