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Heather Pasmore, Board Chair

RN, BSN, CLNC, CCM, CLTC and Financial Mentor

Heather Pasmore has been a Professional Registered Nurse since 1984. Since June 2020 she has been a Healthcare Service ConsuItant to the Medical Service Bureau Division of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services. She reentered health care as a result of the critical need for Registered Nurses and a call to fill the gap caused by the high rate of attrition during the COVID 19 pandemic.

During the 30 years prior to 2016 she dedicated herself to community health nursing with the Visiting Nurse Association of Brooklyn now known as VNR, then The Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Her heart has always been devoted to promoting health and wellness. It was as a result of this drive that she was able to help many patients through past pandemics (such as the AIDS crisis in the 80's) manage highly technical treatments at home. Education in health management helps clients to see themselves as their own advocate and moves them toward wellness.

Her years in health care introduced her to another crushing crisis, which was the lack of financial literacy and preparedness in minority communities. It was then that she decided to also become a licensed financial professional. Since 2016, she has been able to help not only individuals but also families and businesses to establish long term care protection, and engage in financial planning and legacy gifting. These two callings coexist because financial and health needs will be with us for as long as we live. The process never stops, so she will continue to help families be protected and have their financial needs addressed.

Her introduction to Herstory has helped her develop a framework to continue writing her own personal story which she hopes will be publication-ready in early Spring 2022.

Heather Pasmore,         Board Chair
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