Natalie Byfield

Natalie Byfield is an author, educator, and journalist, who has consistently worked for social justice in all areas of her life. She an Associate Professor of Sociology at St. John’s University, where she teaches courses on race, class, and gender inequalities as well as culture. Her research and writing are dedicated to examining major institutions, such as, media systems, law enforcement, and higher education. Her goals are to unearth injustices, to identify the ways in which they are reproduced, and to help discover and disseminate viable solutions. She has a history of extensive work with schools, community centers, and the non-profit world promoting media literacy. She is known for her work advocating on behalf of the Central Park Five. With degrees from Princeton, Stanford, and Fordham, Dr. Byfield is the author of Savage Portrayals: Race, Media, and the Central Park Jogger Story.