The Teller in the Tale: A Half-Jewish Child in Nazi Germany

by Elizabeth Heyn

The story of a half-Jewish child growing up in Nazi Germany. It traces its way through her miraculous late escape in 1941 just three weeks before the German borders close, to her coming of age as a refugee in Franco’s Spain, and finally to her attempts to become a typical American teenager. Rich in the not usually documented details of everyday life for one who falls between the cracks —neither Jewish nor Gentile and thus subject to different rules — this is also the story of a mother and daughter who, due to the circumstances in their lives, need to adjust to their too-closeness, even as they find their own ways.



Love Song at the End of the Day: A Journey into Alzheimer’s

by Muriel Weyl 

This unexpectedly optimistic memoir is a testimony to living life to its fullest, written with compassion and humor. Throughout this “love song” — which only deepens as we move from diagnosis into daily living with Alzheimer’s — we find remembrances of a sixty-two-year relationship in the everyday moments that weave through this work. It is ultimately a celebration of the human spirit, a bedside book for anyone who is connected to a sufferer from memory loss.