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That One Quick Moment

Desiree Espinoza

That One Quick Moment

It was the day of all days. The days that I would look forward to the most out of the year. As I am looking out my window waiting for the rain to start hitting it, I see the clouds in the sky building up more of a thick plump shape to them, a thousand things, thoughts, and ideas are running through my mind just like they do each and every time I get a few minutes to just relax and kind of not be where I’m at even if it’s just for the moment. Already have been sitting on my bed this whole time, I lay back and stare at the holes and cracks on my ceiling and take a deep breath of what to some people might think is crazy thoughts, but for me, was a sigh of relief that though I am in a place where I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy to be at, I am really grateful and thankful and in some weird kind of way, lucky to be here because this place, though it is not a good place, has saved my life. 

At this exact moment, I felt happy and grateful that our lord father had given me this chance and opportunity to change my life for the better cuz without this blessing in disguise, I truly do believe with my whole heart that I would not be here to live this moment of assurity that I will one day soon have that chance to actually be able to live my life the right way. 

Then suddenly the flash of the lightning snapped me out of what may be my dream come true of being with my family and the sound of the CO paging one of my friends to the block office only reassured me that I must continue to just get through the rest of my 16-year sentence that I’m serving the best way that I can to be able to make my dream become a reality.

Painting by Gwynne Duncan 

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