Serena Liguori

Serena Liguori serves as executive director for New Hour for Women and Children LI, and is responsible for all aspects of New Hour’s operations, fundraising and administration.  She is also responsible for creating and nurturing partnerships with organizations and funders focused on social justice and legislative advocacy, where first-person testimony becomes a key tool to create change. She is also responsible for creating ways in which New Hour can become active in social justice initiatives locally and throughout New York State.


Prior to joining the New Hour staff she was the executive director of Herstory Writers Workshop. She is now Herstory's special project consultant. Serena served as associate director of policy at the Correctional Association of New York’s Women in Prison Project where she spearheaded legislative initiatives and policy advocacy addressing prison reform.


She was the key organizer of a successful effort to create the Adoption and Safe Families Act Expanded Discretion Law, which works to secure parental rights for incarcerated parents as well as the Anti-Shackling Law, which prohibits the shackling of incarcerated mothers during labor. She also oversaw the Government Efficiency Project at the Long Island Progressive Coalition where she led a campaign aimed at ending unfair taxation in racially segregated communities. She has extensive experience as a women's and prisoner rights advocate and regularly lectures on criminal justice reform.