Herstory at Work/ Glimpses from Behind the Scenes

We invite you to partake of a 6-minute video, which takes you into a community workshop with the women of the Rural Migrant Ministries in Riverhead and the Herstory’s men’s workshop in Yaphank Correction Facility. 

  • Meet a few of our facilitators and writers* in their workshop settings. 

  • Eavesdrop on a few stolen moments inside our training institute at Stony Brook University, where participants are exploring how to translate our pedagogy into work in the field.  

Produced in partnership with the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University, the center of our training and fellowship program.  With special thanks to Alijan Ozkiral, who created this video. 

*Note that some of the faces have of the participants have been hidden or blurred to protect their identities.