Herstory Writers Workshop brings unheard voices into the public arena, transforming lived experiences into written memoirs powerful enough to change hearts, minds and policy.
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Paper Stranger

Paper Stranger/Shaping Stories in Community, by Erika Duncan:. Herstory’s manual for teachers, healers and activists, provides an introduction to Herstory’s empathy-based approach to memoir writing. Readings and reflections are interwoven with a step-by-step compendium of exercises and tools.


dare to care

Passing Along the Dare to Care: A Mini-Memoir Course for Younger Writers, by Erika Duncan This collection of readings and exercises – based on what causes a “Stranger/Reader” to care – fosters dialogues across differences, diversity studies and a sense of community, as well as enhanced listening, reading and narrative skills.


dare to care

Teaching Memoir Writing the Herstory Way: This 90-minute instructional DVD— divided into six free-standing tracks— provides, teachers, healers and activists with an overview of the empathy-based techniques that have proven effective in school, jail and community settings. It is best used in combination with our two manuals, and is being offered along with Paper Stranger, for teachers, and Passing Along the Dare to Care, for students.


package art

Special Combination Package: We are offering Paper Stranger/Volume I, for teachers (normally $19.95), Passing Along the Dare to Care, for students (normally $14.95) and Teaching Memoir the Herstory Way, our instructional DVD (normally $29.95) at a 23% reduction from the full price. For web instructions as to how to use these combined materials, click here.



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